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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Varsity Towers Utilities?

Varsity Towers Utilities has been engaged by the Varsity Towers Owners Corporation (Strata Plan 33293)  to provide utility management services to the apartments at 25 Lake Orr Drive , Robina, 4226, QLD.

How do I sign up my electricity account?

Connection requests can be made by registering your account by visiting the website: or alternatively by calling 1300 032 753 Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and Saturdays 9:00 am to 12:30 pm (AEST). Connection phone lines are closed on Sundays and public holidays.


















Is my apartment individually metered?

To ensure the accuracy of energy billing all Varsity Towers apartments are individually metered.

How often is usage billed?

The residents of Varsity Towers will never be billed!

 Varsity Towers have introduced a "pay as you go" system for their electricity usage. 

You now can decide how much or little you need to pay to cater for your budget.

What fees or costs may I get charged?

Please view the schedules of the terms and conditions for Pricing and Energy Plans.

I am moving out, how do I close my electricity account?

Kindly visit the website and complete a move out form to notify Varsity Towers Utilities that you would like your account to be closed.

What is this key pad used for ?

                i001      : Remained energy, unit kWh

When you purchase credit you will receive a 20 digit token, the token

will need to be entered into the meter. Once token is entered correctly 

your electricity will be loaded into to meter. you can check this by using 

the check credit balance code.

You can use the codes above to check other parameters such as; How much credit you have left.

What is the Daily Supply Charge and how is it charged?

The daily supply charge is an industry standard charge to supply electricity to your residence. The daily supply charge is charged daily however as you don’t top up daily the system will count how many days from your last top up and apply the outstanding daily supply charge first. The rest of the dollar amount will then be loaded onto your meter in kwh.


How much is the Daily Supply Charge? 

The daily supply charge rate can be viewed by visiting

Insufficient Amount Tendered Error when Topping Up?

If the system says you can’t top up because you are getting an insufficient amount tendered this is due to you topping up less than the amount to cover the daily service fee that has accrued on your account. 


How do I voice a concern?

Contact us via the contact us form on the website or by calling 1300 032 753 and someone from our customer service team will endeavour to resolve your problem. In some cases we may request that you notify us of your concerns in writing. We will make every effort to resolve your concerns promptly. If concerns remain, you may request to speak to a supervisor who will review your case and advise any decisions reached. Some matters, such as supply quality problems, have to be referred to a distributor and may take longer to sort out due to their technical nature. However, we will endeavour to keep you up to date as we are notified of progress. Whatever the problem, contacting us first is generally the quickest way to fix things, and often helps us make improvements for other customers.


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